Film Screening: Beneath the Surface

Tuesday, Jan 24   7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Location: Hewett Centre


This film by Frank Tester is about a mine in the Arctic and the impact on the local community. The nickel mine operated from 1957-1962, drawing many Inuit from around the region to settle in the community.

In parts of the region west of Hudson Bay, some Inuit camps faced starvation, and the RCMP were settling those groups closer to Rankin Inlet to take advantage of mining job opportunities.

The film’s producer Frank Tester notes that “[These Inuit had] gone from what is the oldest social, cultural and economic organization on the planet—a hunting and gathering society—to a modern, industrial one in a matter of a few weeks.”

Discussion with Frank Tester following film.

Admission by donation (suggested $10 adults, $5 young ones).

Sponsor: Social Justice Committee.

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Lunches for January 2017

Sun Jan 8
Lunch today: UCV Refugee Committee

Deliciously prepared and served by the UCV Refugee Committee. Proceeds help us to bring refugee families to Canada and to assist those refugee families that are already here.

Sun Jan 15
Lunch today: UCV Love Soup Crew
Please come and enjoy our delicious hot soup, fresh salad, fun cookies and tasty Terra Bread in our very friendly and happy dining room in Hewett Centre. Your support and help in any size is greatly appreciated!

Sun Jan 22
Bumbleberry Sundae
After the service be our guests to enjoy a Bumbleberry Sundae courtesy of the New U committee. Every berry was picked by hand at the peak of summer goodness.

Sun Jan 29
Lunch today: Youth Group
YOUTH LUNCH! Our UCV youth have prepared a delicious soup for you today. All proceeds go towards youth group programming and funding for trips to UU youth annual conferences. Please help us out and get some tasty food in the process!

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the above notices were provided by Ben Hechter, lunch coordinator

Peace Bearers

Fireside :: Sunday, January 22 :: 12:30 pm

Robert Ages

Join us for Robert Ages’ presentation on the Peace Bearers: non-violent activists based on First Nations Warrior Culture.

Hear about the origins of the Peace Bearers and the prospects and impact of climate change for activism and society in general.

Bob Ages has been a lifelong activist for labour and human rights issues and is a dynamic speaker

Sponsored by the Social Justice Committee

Re-living Our Lives

Fireside :: Sunday, January 15 :: 12:30 pm

Rev. Dr. Phillip Hewett

A provocative insight was captured in these brief quotations:

“We had the experience but missed the meaning, /And approach to the meaning restores the experience /In a different form….” (T.S. Eliot).

“Everyone should live their life twice, for the first attempt is always blind”. (Edwin Muir).

In the past we explored this theme in small groups and other congregations have done the same. Perhaps the time has come to do it again, and Rev. Dr. Phillip Hewett will outline and illustrate the process today.

Unitarians and Prayer

Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson

Sanctuary :: Sunday, January 29 :: 11 am


What is prayer, and do Unitarians pray? Is it all right for me to ask and share some thoughts and feelings about this so widespread human spiritual/religious practice?

And why is it so hard for me to even write these words?

The Chalice Choir sings.

The Radical King

Click HERE for Order of Service

Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson

Sanctuary :: Sunday, January 15 :: 11 am


Every year, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is celebrated for his oratory and leadership of the nonviolent civil rights movement.

Forty years after his death, not that many appreciate how truly radical he was, the FBI called him “the most dangerous man in America.”

Let’s find out why.

The Chalice Choir sings.

Dark Money: Epiphany and the Hidden Trillions

Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson

Sanctuary :: Sunday, January 8 :: 11 am


Last year’s revelation of the hidden economy residing in off-shore tax havens calls into question the very nature of the work of nation states, citizenship and the common good.

What do we think about the implications of this practice for the Unitarian values of democracy, equity and justice for the world community?

Activists Across the Ages: A Gathering and Feast

ACTIVISTS ACROSS THE AGES: A GATHERING AND FEAST: January 20, 6-9pm  in the Hewett Centre.

The Environment and Social Justice Committees are inviting local young activists and UCV members to share an evening together.

Are there similarities between Vietnam and Kinder Morgan? Standing Rock and the Civil Rights movement? What can we learn? What we do know is that in these uncertain times, we are stronger together than apart and building bridges between the generations is a start.

Main course provided by the Environment Committee. Please contribute to potluck appetizers and desserts.

Babysitting available.

Note: please arrive on time as the evening’s activities start promptly!

Email Tamiko Suzuki if you would like to reserve a seat as space is limited. In your email let her know if you are a member of the Unitarian Congregation.